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Three generations of the Ferris family have owned the Garage at Feock since it was built in 1954 by Cyril Ferris. Brian & Flo Ferris took over in 1970 and then Tim & Mary in 1992

In 1972 the Peugeot franchise was awarded and run very successfully until 1980 when the manufacturer merged with Talbot and the dealership was given to a larger company in Truro. It was at this time the business moved into breakdown, firstly with a Land Rover, then with Nissan and Toyotas and trailers. In 1999 a second site was opened for breakdown near the busy A30 and the company was eventually running 20 vehicles carrying out over 8000 jobs per year until November 2012 when the department and site was closed due to falling rates paid by the breakdown companies.


Ferris Garage, Truro – busy workshop

All our technicians are fully qualified with ongoing training every year to keep up to date with the latest vehicle technology, you can check out their qualifications at Staff & Expertise.

We are members of the Motor Industry Code of Practice administered by the Motor Ombudsmen a government-backed self-regulatory body for the motor industry.


Other Ferris Garage Projects

The Rhoda Mary Project – intheboatshed.net

The Schooner,(Rhoda Mary) used as a logo, was built by William (foreman) Ferris (Great Great Grandfather to Tim Ferris) in 1868 at Trolver Yard about a mile from Feock Garage, She was renowned for her speed and beauty, the picture above, is of her early days before she was converted to three masts. There was a project to fully restore this lovely schooner, but as only part of the keel was left in the mud on the Medway river it was found to be too expensive.

A great video of some of the Ferris family, my brother Paul being one, talking about Foreman Ferris and the Rhoda Mary http://www.storylines.org.uk/2017/06/16/rhoda-mary-ferris-boats/

The garage are keen to support local sport and sponsor one of the Cornish Pirates Stars, New Zealander Marlen Walker https://cornish-pirates.com/players-staff/marlen-walker/

Ferris Garage are now kit sponsor for newly created football team Mount Ambrose.

In 1980 Tim Ferris was the mechanic in a two man team that took two Mini’s around the world to raise funds for Save the Children’s Fund Stop Polio Campaign. The trip took 13 months crossing the Sahara Desert and Africa the Amazon Jungle and South America and overland back from India. The Mini’s covered over 60000 miles and were rebuild in South Africa and Singapore by Tim.

If you like to read more about Tim’s trip please follow the links 1-12 below to his blog:

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Tim Ferris has been a very successful Rally driver winning BTRDA and Mintex 1300cc championships several times. He has competed on Rally GB five times winning 1300 GpN class on his first attempt by over 20 minutes. The team were affectionately known as the ‘Cornish Fasties’. He has only ever competed in up to 1300cc cars starting in a Mini Cooper S, then a Peugeot 104ZS, two self build Talbot Samba Rallye’s and then a self build Peugeot 106 Rallye that was used as a model for Peugeot who set up a Championship just for the little Peugeot.

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