The Benefits of Electric Cars

They are more environmentally friendly than ordinary cars – much more energy efficient and produce zero emissions. They are cheaper to run – you could save up to £1000 per year in fuel costs – and are faster than ordinary cars. And soon they’ll be cheaper to buy too. Watch this space!

Our expertise

Our technicians are qualified (up to EVT level 3 ) to service, diagnose and repair any electric vehicle so you can be assured your vehicle is in safe hands.

Find your nearest charging point

There are over 17,000 electric car charging points in the UK and that number is increasing every day.

If you are in the Truro area and need to charge your electric vehicle, here at Ferris Garage we have our very own electric vehicle charging point, which you are welcome to come and use.

If you are driving further afield, or need to plan a journey, you can use the interactive map to the right. Here you can find the location of electric car charging points across the UK, including their charging speed and whether they are currently in use or are available to use.

To find an electric vehicle charging point near your current location, enter your postcode or select ‘nearby chargers’ and the map will show you all the electric vehicle charging points near you.

We recommend you bookmark this page to have access to all 17,000 electric car charging points at the click of a button.



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